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Delivery and payment policy

 Payment policy :  When you buy CLO COSMETICS products, you can pay by the following forms:

-     Payment by bank transfer.

-     Cash payment: Please pay directly at the store as soon as you buy goods at 92C Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

-     COD (Payment on delivery):

COD payment method

COD (delivery service to receive money) is a method of payment by giving money directly to the carrier immediately after receiving the goods. In this case, you may incur additional remittance charges if your order does not meet the conditions of free shipping.


Payment steps by COD


*  Step 1: Choose the payment method COD when ordering.

*  Step 2: Customer service specialists will call to confirm orders with you within 24 hours. Orders will be processed after confirmation.

*  Step 3: After checking and confirming order status, we will proceed to deliver goods to you.

*  Step 4: Please receive the goods and pay the bill from the delivery staff. In case of absence upon delivery, you can ask the recipient to change and pay.


Shipping fee ranges from 30-50k depending on the region.
Customers buying over > 1,000,000VND are free ship.


-     Other forms…

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