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Returns & Exchanges Policy

  * For customers buy at stores : Check the product before leaving the store, any errors later will not be resolved in any form.

  * For customers buy online :

  • Receipt of other products than the website description or missing than orders placed, please recurrent message to CLO COSMETICS within 48 hours when you received a shipment.

  • In the event of more than 48 hours or the order has a written agreement between the carrier and you, CLO COSMETICS will not agree to send compensation for the product under all conditions.



  * Conditions return at CLO COSMETICS

  • The product you receive is different from the description on the website due to manufacturer error.

  • Product expiry date has expired or the number of orders is missing compared to the order placed.

  • The product has no signs of being used, stamps and seals of the manufacturer and gifts (if any).

  • Customers need to present the purchase invoice at CLO COSMETICS immediately after exchange.


Returns and exchanges need to be filed with CLO Customer

Support form and email:

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