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About Carmen Lo

// Founder of CLO Cosmetics
// IBHGU Korea (Section Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City President
//  Beauty Examiner, Trainer & Professional MUA
// Beauty Influencer
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Carmen Lo, with 10 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, has worked with many celebrities in the entertainment industry worldwide. Her works have appeared in various TV dramas, magazines, commercials, print advertisements, campaigns, fashion shows, and theatre musicals. 

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto (Canada), graduated from York University from Canada, Carmen Lo then traveled to different places in the world to learn more about the beauty and healthcare sector. She has got international certificates in makeup and hairstyling from Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. She has taught many professional makeup classes, been invited as a guest for online radio shows, and as a judge and beauty advisor for several beauty contests and singing shows in Canada, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. 

The most recent show that she has been invited to be a beauty judge and advisor is The Tiffany Vietnam 2018. Back the time in Hong Kong, Carmen Lo has collaborated with Hong Kong's top TV station TVB as a makeup artist for dramas and TV programs.

Carmen Lo also loves to do volunteer work. From that together with her huge passion for everything related to makeup, she has taught the first "sign language" makeup class in Hong Kong. She hopes this class will help deaf people build their careers in the future.

Considering Vietnam as a promising and potential country to develop her career in the field of beauty and health care, Carmen Lo decided to come to Vietnam. 
2019 is a notable milestone when Carmen Lo opened her first beauty examiner center in Vietnam and her own cosmetics brand in Hong Kong, find the best ingredients from around the world. This will be her first official step in completing her mission: To share her knowledge and skills in the field of beauty.

Carmen Lo was launching
her products in 2019,
to share
“The Secrets of Makeup Artists”


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